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Hotel near Venice Cruise Port Terminal

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The closest Hotel near Venice Cruise Port Terminal passenger for Cruise Ship

If you arrive to Venice by boat , you will enjoy staying at the Hotel San Sebastiano Garden, a 4 star hotel, convenient to the ferry station.

Located just a stone’s throw from Piazzale Roma Square and not far from the ferry station of Venice, Hotel  4-star  San Sebastiano Garden offers hospitality and comfort for all the cruise goers that wish to discover this marvelous city! Hotel near Venice Cruise Port Terminal and Piazzale Roma Square, Hotel San Sebastiano Garden will transport you to the magic atmosphere of the most beautiful city in the world.

Hotel San Sebastiano Garden: the perfect pick for a Venetian cruise, in the heart of the old city center!

If you are on a cruise in Venice, choose to stay in the rooms of Hotel San Sebastiano Garden, an upscale 4-star facility that is both elegant and located near the Port of Venice. Conveniently located near the ferry station, Hotel San Sebastiano Garden is the best choice of accommodations in the old city center.

Easy to access from the Terminal of cruise ships passenger Hotel San Sebastiano Garden offers you the perfect combination before and after your cruise in the mediterrean .

Venice Terminal Passengers is just next to the Hotel San Sebastiano Garden , from which the city center is just round the corner

Easy to access from the Airport the closest Hotel to the Venice Terminal passenger for Cruise Ship is San Sebastiano Garden


Hotel near Piazzale Roma VeniceHotel with private garden in Venice – 4 star hotel in Venice